this is a fanart post

▶ pokemon b&w x 1
▶ harry potter x 1
▶ persona 2 x 2
▶ ao no exorcist x 2
▶ pandora hearts x 7

i... went crazy with drawing for a bit there. THIS CONTAINS NSFW STUFF so please don't click the cut unless you're not with company. either way there is a good amount of homosexuality in here. as always.

oh did i mention i never did icon more AnE... i think the night shots just took all of my stamina for curves and selective color. maybe one day.

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▶ ao no exorcist episode 7 x 155
▶ pandora hearts fanart x 3

I'm so sorry LMAO this one is so many weeks late and I haven't even started watching the later eps yet... I got distracted by things andkjfdfkj

Anyway this post is a little different. I'm dumping a few sketches I just did here to save space........ They will be under tiny previews so you don't have to look at them if you don't want to.

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